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Philip DeFranco

YouTube Casestudy – Philip DeFranco

If you haven’t heard of Philip DeFranco you soon will.  The Dude is a video blogger on YouTube and a bona fide YouTube celebrity. And the truth is, if Conan were this quick with the wit outside of Late Night, Leno wouldn’t have bagged his Tonight Show gig.

When he’s on his roll, he’s talking about news, tech, geek, awesome, and all that is douchetastic.  He also does great product reviews in his own unique style. If you have a patio or a large outdoor seating area, you have to check out his review of Wet and Forget.

DeFranco’s content is typically centered around current events, politics and celebrity gossip, where he can impart his opinion, usually presented in a scathing sarcastic manner.  Watching him is like drinking laughs from a fire hose.

DeFranco cranked up his YouTube channel in 2006, his videos regularly get hundreds of thousands of views. He has used his audience to win a Spore Creature Creator and Wired’s Sexiest Geek of 2008. He has claimed in an interview in January 2009 that his annual income exceeds $250,000 but says it’s from a number of sources on the Internet, not just YouTube.

He lives in Atlanta, Georgia. In 2006, as an adjunct to his final exams at East Carolina University, he whipped up a video blog entitled “sxephil” and posted it on Youtube. A mere 48 hours later, it had accrued 450,000 hits.  So the light bulb goes off in his head and he began posting three or four times a week. So many people began searching for his content that he became one of Youtube’s first paid “partners”; the guys the site shares ad revenue with because they bring in so much traffic.

We want to credit Carol Phillips at  Millennial Marketing, for her nice post on DeFranco which further serves to get the word out in this incredible talent, one of the Internet’s true substantive content providers.  Here’s a little sample.

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